Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 90 of 90

Wow...did I really just type that? 90 of 90...doesn't seem like it's been 90's been a trip to say the least. What are my thoughts...

First of all, I went strict for the first like 5 weeks...almost 6...Superbowl Sunday was my first cheat day...and let me tell you, once I started, it just seemed so much more easier to take a small cheat here and there. It proves, if I want to do it, and I want to focus I can.

Next, when I last saw a doctor I think it was the first week of November...I was 225 lbs. I saw the doctor this past Monday...and was 205. While I did not get to the under 200lbs like I wanted, I can safely say I have lost inches where it counts, and have definitely gained some muscle...and since this is a continuing life habit, I'm sure I will get there at some point. No rush, it's a day to day challenge of living a better life for myself.

Next, I did not run a 5k yet. I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago. I'm not running much of anything, but I can say that going to WODs recently is getting me out of my shell and running. I hate running!!!! But I am more willing to try. Still plenty of time.

Last goal was to have more confidence with my physical self. This I can say is definitely coming true. I can see myself dressing in different shirts, that don't require me to cover up with a hoodie or hide with a cardigan. I am fitting into pants..."artist" at American Eagle is one step up from "skinny", yeah I am wearing those now. I couldn't fit into American Eagle pants 6 months ago.

Thoughts for the future? Keep blogging every once in a while...different challenges, thoughts, successes, am I's gonna be interesting. Like I changes. There is going to be a lot of ups and down, and I think that is going to keep life interesting too.

Tomorrow is the challenge. I'm nervous. I feel prepared. But I'm scared. I think I will have no problem, but I am glad it will be in the comfort of my own gym, surrounded by friends and with an awesome partner!!

I thank you for following me for the past 90 days, and taking interest in my challenge. Here's to another 90 and the rest of life. If even one person has kinda found inspiration in making different choices to make their life better, I am content. I have seen too much recently with family and friends and patients on my rotations being sick, having diabetes, having diseases states that are avoidable and mostly reversible. I don't want to get to that point, and knowing my family history and predisposition to some of these diseases states (my grandfather passed away from type 2 diabetes), I know that now is the time to figure out my life, and get myself together to set myself up for health success. Until the next one, thanks again all!

Days 88 and 89

With continuing the trend of the week, Wednesday and Thursday were boring days. Haha

Hit CF on Wednesday, did the box jumps...kinda. Did step ups for the first 4 rounds, then Karrah pushed me to do jumps for the 5th round. They were slow, and I could feel myself getting nervous with every one I did, as I got more and more tired. I think that for the competition tomorrow I will do step's gettin on the box. It's half the battle.

Yesterday, I rested. Hit the mall, and did some shopping. I had to get t-shirts made for Saturday...I Should find socks at some point, but for now just focusing on the shirts. I got shirts, just need to get them printed today (Friday). Rested from CF and games cause of the competition on Saturday and I also had a dinner to go to for school. It was nice to see old friends and get out for the evening.

I haven't been 100% on the diet, but I have been making better choices when I eat. Which is what I Think life is going to be all about from here on out.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 87 of 90

What does a person without a job and me have in common? No Job. Sitting around all day. BORED out of my mind. The difference...they probably like it, I hate it. I sat in my bed all day doing research, and had a 2.5 hour nap. My friend Julie just laughs every time she hears I am napping. She thinks its all I do :) Practically. She thinks I can't sleep at night, today she asked how do you go to bed at night? I answered with "I close my eyes!" Haha, so terrible. Anyways, I need things to do. If anybody has suggestions, hopefully ones that will bring in some money, please let me know :)

So I went to workout today at 6pm, mostly to see friends. I coulda gone at any point today, but I like the hanging out part. I had glanced, maybe opened the webpage with the work out and never looked, at the work out for the day. And let me tell you. I wasn't expecting what I saw. I knew there was going to be an 800m run, but I didn't know what was around it. Haha total fail. It was a great workout though. 20 minute time cap to get through a set of movements, they called it a chipper, cause you just chip away at a shit ton of stuff. So here was the workout:

Warm-up: 30 bridges...I did like 5ish...felt good. I was set
I. 20 minute time cap to finish
-25 HSPU (modified to box)
-50 toes to bar (knees to elbow)
-800m run
-75 push presses (55lbs - RX)
-150 double unders (aka single unders so I could finish the workout...and I can't do 150 DU)
-finished in about 19 minutes. Good workout. :)
II. Tabata reverse extender things...lay on your belly lift your chest and legs up. Gross.

Breakfast- 2 eggs, 2 bacon, broccoli
Snack - Grandpa's left over bday cake (total fail) and sweet potato chips at some point
Dinner - burger, with guac, onion, tomato, bacon, cheese (forgot to ask for none) wrapped in lettuce. And I ate fries cause I was so flustered in my order that I forgot to change to sweet potato fries. Fail. But wicked good dinner :)
Snack - Coconut milk vanilla bean ice cream

Hopefully tomorrow I will get a new ankle brace, t-shirts made for me and my garage games partner (competition is Saturday!) and get to the gym to do the workout. There are box jumps, and box jumps are in the first workout of the I gotta get over my fears...stupid ankle injury from almost 3 weeks ago...freaked me out!!! Until then.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 86 of 90

Today was my first day not going to work all day. And lunch was a struggle. I realized I am going to have to go and buy some lunch meat and salad so I will be able to feed myself during the afternoon.

I spent the evening at my grandparents house for my grandpa's birthday. My grandma knows that I am doing some sort of working out/weight lifting and watching what I am eating, but I didn't even bother to say anything to her. It was my grandpa's birthday and I wanted her to make whatever for him. Plus I didn't want to make her life any more difficult. So the point of the rambling, I ate dinner. Dinner was the good part. Pork tenderloin, steamed broccoli and yams. Then birthday cake happened. And I ate it. And it was good. Then my grandma wanted to send me home with some, and sent me with enough for 4 people. Finally I got her to stop sending me home with sweets, but there is still cake here at my apartment now. I am going to wait until the first week of April to eat it though.

No work out today because I went to Glens Falls and had a doctors appointment and didn't have the appropriate time to get the gym.

Snack - Lara Bar, sweet potato chips
Lunch - spaghetti sauce with spinach and ground turkey
Dinner with my grandparents, cake and a hazelnut latte for the drive home.

We will see how the rest of the week goes. Over and Out.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 85 of 90

Today was a good day. Hit the WOD, relaxed all day, and went to my first Knitting class. I was so excited to go to class with my friend Katie from the gym to learn a new hobby! It was a blast, and it was so enjoyable. I can't wait until I am able to actually make something. We only learned how to Cast-On to the first needle. And how to do a knitting stitch. (at least that is what the instructor called it.) I was super excited (like I said before) and plan to practice a bit more before I go back up for another lesson and to purchase my own needles!!

I. 500m row, work on Russian Swing technique
II. 20 minute AMRAP
-20 Russian KB swings
-200m row
-finished 8 rounds
III. Tabata Abmat Situps: finished 71 reps

Breakfast - 2 eggs, 2 bacon, Naked Juice
Snack - Sweet Potato and Beet Chips
Snack - Caramel machiatto
Dinner - Tomato sauce with spinach and ground turkey
Snack - mango

Day 84 of 90

I failed getting my blog up on here is a quick summary.

Hung out, did some research, went to a Pose running seminar at the gym, and hung out with some good family friends.

The running seminar was a ton of fun, and I feel like I learned a ton, even though I hate running, so hopefully this will make my hatred of running not as awful cause it will be a little easier :)

Hanging out with the family friends, I didn't follow the diet entirely, but I tried to behave as much as possible. Turkey burger (had cheese already melted on) but no bun. And a escarole, tomato and mushroom salad (I think there were chick peas in it, and melted cheese on top). And a green salad, but it looked like there were soy beans on it...I still ate it. Cause I didn't want to be rude and it looked really good.

The day was good over all. Even though Cuse lost. Next year! More about today later tonight!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 83 of 90

Today was my last day of pharmacy school. What a wonderful day. I got out after lunch, and enjoyed my afternoon with a 2 and a 1/2 hour nap. Yup. A nap. What better feeling than laying with the windows wide open, the sun shining in and snuggling up with the kitty. :)

I feel bad because I was supposed to take a "pseudo rest day" with my friend Becca at the gym, but forgot that softball try-outs were this evening at the same time. So I had to bail. I promise to make it up to you Becca! Softball try outs were a ton of fun though. I love playing, and just getting out, running around, hitting the ball, playing catch...ahhhh such a wonderful way to spend my evening.

So no workout today, just running around at the softball was fantastic to be able to do a short sprint and not be short of breath. Should make summer ball tons more fun coming up :)

Breakfast - 2 eggs, 2 bacon, broccoli
Lunch - Salad with chicken
Snack - sweet potato chips
Dinner - shrimp, salmon burger, spinach
Snack - So Delicious Vanilla Bean ice cream. (Dairy delish)

That was the day. Tomorrow starts 7 weeks of nothing really to do. So I will be around, doing some research, seeing friends, hanging out, studying for the boards/paying the $1300 to take my boards. Sigh. We'll see how it goes.

Also of note, you will probably see there is 7 days left in the challenge...there has been a lot of chat about "overtime" for the challenge. At this point, it's just about better decisions and living my life. Like today I saw the Magic Hat spring pack...and I wanted to grab it, but knew I had the week to finish, and if I did have it, I would drink the whole thing. I need to find a friend to share it with me, and to not keep it in the house. New habits. New Life Decisions. Better health for myself. Gotta keep reminding myself that.